About Michael Storm

Who am I?

No one special really. Just another drop in the bucket of humanity. I was born in the 60's, educated in the public fool system like all others and placed on a little yellow bus to be taught how to cram and memorize useless garbage so I could pass tests and forget it all the following week/month. I was "educated" for 18 years by teachers, parents, etc. and socially engineered to be a dumbed down worker bee.

But one day I woke up!

Somewhere around age 18-24 I started to realize that not everything I had been taught was the truth! All the "models" I was sold and told were so… I found out they were not.  Then I went on a voracious learning journey for the last 27 years. I’m not done. Not by a long shot.

So who am I?  Well, in many ways just an average Joe. I worked all my life, made money and spent money through the means our government and its system has in place… not really much better off than when I started.

I'm a husband, a father, a Christian and just average at all these things I guess. I'm pretty decent, honest, friendly towards my fellow man, but hey, still a sinner with problems like every other Joe Sixpack on the planet.

But through all of life’s ups and downs I have learned a lot. I am no genius by any stretch of the imagination but I have learned that most of society and the systems in place today are indeed rackets and scams. You have to understand, not only have I been through it all, and sometimes many times, but I also study the living tar out of any subject I come across. I want to know how it really is; what do all the various sides of any argument say? Why do they say it? What is the belief system in place? What is the agenda?

Through a ton of legal, medical and many other types of journeys I have embarked on, I have come to the conclusion that almost everything is a racket and a scam. We the people are basically just cash cows to be milked by every state, local, federal and government agency out there.

Everyone from the water company, sewer company, gas company, electric, cable, phone, airlines, internet service providers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, bankers, politicians… they are all basically a racket and a scam and are after one thing only; as much financial rape as they can legally get away with.

Have you not seen on TV the hidden scams mechanics pull on unsuspecting customers? You honestly think "professionals" like bankers, doctors and lawyers are any more honest? You want to trust them, I understand that, but that is dangerous living as far as I’m concerned and I am going to show you why if you can bear to read and listen to the upcoming articles and podcasts I will be posting here.

There are really only a few things that are special about me I guess; that separate me from the average person. I am quite average… and yet a bit different too.


  • I am a bible believing Christian, so that makes me a whacko in many folks’ eyes. I spent seven long years researching every religion on earth and found a common thread or theme if you will.... they all are based on theories and someone’s imagination and not on facts. They unanimously are works based instead of faith based. After seven years of hard searching I settled on the Bible as the final authority. The one book that literally spits in the face of every "religion" on earth.


  • I was born, raised and indoctrinated in evolution theory and after a long hard look at the evidence for creation I became a creationist and now believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who wrote the law of the bible and the law of the physical universe.


  • I have had approximately 13 to 14 near death experiences where I was saved from death by a hair’s breadth or with only a second to spare. I had perhaps another 15 where I was saved by let’s just say… a wider margin; but still very close calls. To me this is extremely odd. I do not know another individual on planet earth that comes this close to my level of close-call experiences. This alone shows me there is a Master Planner out there that is, for some reason, taking care of me.


  • I have been a Trader for 18 years; trading stocks, gold, oil, futures and foreign exchange and because of this I have a ton of time on my hands. As I am waiting patiently for my trades to work out, I have more time than anyone I know to research subjects. I study a thousand subjects and sometimes pick one and spend perhaps 100 hours plus over a few months exhausting it to find out what is real and what is false. This puts me in a unique position.


  • I think that most people, when they learn something, just basically hold it in and keep it to themselves. The reason for that, I believe, is that when someone opens up and tells another what they have found out or believe, the result is often the other person just freaking out. How could you view, believe or see things this way?! You’re nuts! After this happens a few dozen times, I think folks give up sharing. I won’t. I would rather tell it like I see it and have someone differ in opinion with me than just be silent. I love discussing things with folks that actually can discuss things. For those with very narrow minds? Sold out on one way and that is it? It’s over, it’s done, and there is no room for discussion or to examine things from another perspective. I find those people incredibly boring and a waste of time. 99% of humanity I believe is just like this. They are convinced they are right and cannot see any other sides. They don't have the time, or desire. They just don’t want to even try and open their eyes to another possibility.


All this being said, there may be many things I will say in the following podcasts or articles that you may not agree with. That’s OK. Take whatever you believe to be meat and spit out whatever you believe to be bones. That is fine. However, do have the courage to embark on a curious expedition with me and explore some undiscovered mountain peaks; those hidden from everyday life by the clouds and fog of conformism.