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What is it worth?

What is it worth? Let me ask you a question. Pick some really big name trader that is supposedly very good; one that has taught others. Perhaps pick an author or a course seller. Let’s just go ahead and name a few names. We have Steve Nison, Steve Mauro, Ashraf Laidi… or how about Martin […]

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Be Prepared

Be Prepared Trade long enough and you will have every conceivable thing you can (and even cannot imagine) happen to you. Let me just give you some great examples first, OK? I have 18 years of garbage happening to me on the internet, with trading and with computers. I have had monitors just go dead. […]

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The Bank is not your Friend

The Bank is not your Friend. Choice Bank Belize was the worst banking experience of my entire lifetime; by a million miles. Here’s my story of untold grief and the worst customer service known to mankind (in my humble opinion). By the way, when you give your money away to a bank, you may not […]

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