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"Well, do you think that you can trade easily? That you can find the holy grail of trading? Why not?  You're in the top 5%. OK, I had the same thoughts when I started my journey in trading. I joined this room a couple of months ago and guess what? Everything that I supposedly knew was totally wrong (not all). In fact, that knowledge was an obstacle for real trading. Michael has an easy way to analyze the FX markets and slowly and repeatedly, you learn to do it by yourself. Alex will "beat your arse" to get a routine, be disciplined and learn the basic economics that move the FX markets. Really "eye-opening" teachings from both Michael and Alex, some of which I had never heard about before. Friendly room and everyone is offering help to each other, no matter if it is about trading, psychology or whatever you need to be successful. We really care."

Michael A.

"I am very grateful for everything Michael Storm has taught. I have been trading for years and only learnt about hedging and proper damage control when I joined. My trading has been completely changed for the best. I will likely be a member with Michael Storm for the rest of my trading career."


"Michael and Alex are doing a great job. My questions are answered very quickly and I have learned an enormous amount in the past 3 months. I am now trying very hard to forget everything I ever learned from other teachers and concentrate only on Michael's Method which is already working better than any other method I've tried before."


"Trading is an art form which will take years to master. After having been in the markets for about a decade, I still find myself constantly learning . I am very glad to be part of Robinhood's Merry Band of Assassins where the environment is friendly and good people share their knowledge freely and patiently about setups, psychology and much more. If you want to succeed in trading, this is the place to go! You will learn from some of the very best."


"I started out trading stocks and options around 4 years ago and was getting absolutely no where! I almost wanted to quit trading all together because I couldn’t understand why traders were saying it’s so easy to make money when I couldn’t. It was by chance that I heard about the Forex market and it was a blessing to stumble upon Michael Storm and his trading methods. I’ve been following and learning from him for a little over 3 months now and I can truthfully say that THIS man, along with his team, have taught me so much more in these 3 months than I’ve learned in 4 years! Trading never felt so good"


"The worst thing about traders and people in general is that they work and live WAY under their potential. What I've done to deserve this opportunity I still don't know, but Mike has made me realize my potential as a trader and what I can really do with the little amount of capital that I have. His principles are timeless, he forces us to think in a fundamental sense, in the way that market makers think, and he's got this amazing gift of sharing without a filter which shows he cares about our results and does what it takes to get us there. Alex is a blessing too - his ability to get along with everybody, be inclusive, and his predictability every single day are so admirable. His perspective is amazing to get in that he's adopted short term execution - scalping, quick profit taking and washing - not too long ago himself. His tips and experience resonates with everybody, and NOT ONE question goes unanswered, nor are you ever left feeling confused as he goes out of his way to provide insights to help so that you can do one thing that matters and that is to produce results. Trading can be a lonely business. not much people you can talk about it to. there are hundreds if not thousands of communities of traders - I haven't been in them all to say this is the most focused, enjoyable and results oriented and tight knitted community - but this is a trade room and its work ethic alone beats most other people out there. its consistency beats more. and its results destroy all others. The winners are COMMITTED to take you along with them. My goal is to become as good as the master traders here so that I CAN CALL OUT TRADES and so that I am someone to be listened to simply because of my work ethic, consistency and results. After all, they've given me all of their time, heart and help, it only makes sense to me to give that back. Proud to be here and thank you for your commitment to making me a monster trader."

John Clayton

I’m delighted to write a testimonial and offer endorsement for a truly brilliant trading room; you will not find a better one anywhere esle in the world. Having been a member for a while now, I can say with absolute certainty that Mike and Alex have not only dramatically improved my trading but they’ve also helped me fully understand the full dynamics of the markets; how to professionally use technical and fundamental analysis – the correct way and how to become a professional trader. It goes without saying that the way they teach, explain and mentor is on a totally different level to anything I’ve seen around. It’s an absolute pleasure to know Mike and Alex who I now regard as friends. The best of the best!


I have known Michael Storm for 11years now. In all my years of trading I have never found a more truly honest caring and willing man to share his complete knowledge with his fellow traders. This man goes above and beyond to help those that ask for it. If people listen to him they can learn to trade for themselves. It is like the old story "Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day BUT teach a person to fish and they eat forever". It is the same with trading, it is not easy, it is not a get rich quick scheme, you have to learn to make the small pips first so that you can make the big pips forever, AND this is man to do it for you. When you consider that you can pay $10s of thousands to so called teachers out there and signal services that don't get you anywhere or make you pips!!, for the price that Michael asks - you are crazy if you don't do it. BUT walk the walk, first learn to crawl, then walk and then run to the moon !!