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The Great Coronavirus Scam

Coronavirus. Covid-19. Pandemic. These are the words on the world’s lips. What is it all about? How did this get hatched? This will be a very different look at this virus. Try and pause for a moment, hear me out 100% of the way before you blast me for being an ignorant fool.

First off, I am a trader so I have up to 16 hours a day to sit on my butt in front of screens and I spend probably 6-8 hours a day reading news from a few hundred sources and watching videos too. So when I speak about this, I am not speaking in ignorance; I have probably read 1,000 times more on this than you have.

Before we begin, here is a video you might like to watch. Just one of 100 I have seen but this one is good: https://www.bitchute.com/video/yx06x2dJnTRc/

In this video you see that this was planned out 10 years ago and revealed 6 years ago and if you’re very on top of things and paying super close attention, then you see the “script” being played out before our eyes in the last few weeks as it follows just about 100% along this line. So tell me, did the man have a time machine and leave Earth today and travel back through time to reveal this?  Or is that manual he holds in his hands and reads to you exactly what they are doing to us all?

I am not doubting that Covid-19 is real. I am not doubting that folks are dying. I do not even doubt the case by case descriptions that you can watch and read about how horrible and brutal a death those infected are dying from it. However, as I have repeatedly talked about on twitter about 60 million folks a year die from the “Top Ten Killers” in the world and no one is screaming about it 24/7 and minute by minute announcing those 60 million deaths. We need to put this into perspective. I agree all life is valuable and precious but most of the folks that are dying are over the age of 60. I know, I know there are exceptions but mostly it’s over 60,70,80.

So I ask you, we do not freak out about the flu killing 600,000 a year worldwide, we do not freak out over the 59 million that die of the other 9 top ten killers, so why are we going crazy over 15,000 deaths out of 350K infected? Why are we taking down the world economy and destroying 25 trillion dollars of wealth grinding the world engine to a complete stand still? Have you thought about how hard it is to re start the machine once it’s shut down completely?

One thing I do not want to get into is talking about how it was created. The Chinese claim the USA soldiers spread it to them. Some say it was created in a bioweapons lab. There is a ton of that on the internet. Bioweapons are real, that is a fact. There are labs that create crazy stuff like this, that is also a fact. Zicka, Sars, Mers, and a ton of other diseases actually have patents on them. You can easily find out they are patented and were created in a lab. Everything from Lyme Disease to Aids, folks are saying were created in labs. I don’t have the time to search all of this out but maybe it is so, that this Covid-19 was created…. If it’s so, then  think about this:

This Covid-19 is really good then right? It takes out mostly older people and not only that, but mostly those with pre-existing health problems; old folks in costly senior centers and folks with other costly problems to take care of. Isn’t it ironic that it takes out only young folks with health problems too? I mean it’s almost like it was designed and created to cull people that are not strong and fit with solid immune systems. Are you a smoker? If you catch it you are probably a goner. It’s OK, the government likes to demonize smoking anyway. Ironic and a conveniently selective killer this virus is.

The facts are that the spread of this virus is being “pumped” non-stop by the news media. Most of us should know that the governments of the world control the news media. From China to Russia to you name it. I don’t care the countries’ names, the government controls the media.  We are in a highly successful campaign to terrorize every citizen in every country. If this non-stop terrorism news is allowed to continue to run and have its course, soon we will not be mildly concerned with lack of toilet paper or job losses as we will grind the world economy to powder. This might be planned and it’s possible that a massive amount of agendas are being fulfilled right now.

Consider that they are getting so much of what they want; stopping the riots in the streets in Venezuela and Hong Kong, protests in France and many other places. Martial law is basically in effect worldwide right now (under a different name sure, but it’s the same thing). 100% Lockdown. Every person is in their own home prison. How convenient!

If this goes on for too long we are talking about the very real possibility of a worldwide monetary collapse and the failure of Fiat money and the installation of a “New Deal” for a global cashless society.  Cash is “dirty” and being demonized right now. The governments of the world want a 100% traceable digit based economy and maybe this is how they will get it and institute it. Governments want power and control of the populace. We have seen an erosion of privacy and freedoms for decades now. Like a snowball rolling down a hill gaining size and momentum, we have seen freedoms erode faster since September 2001. The government takes more power every year in giant leaps and strides through a process known as gradualism; always and forever moving towards a certain goal which is total control and total surveillance.

Maybe what they need is folks to starve a little. Have you not heard the quotes of long ago about food and how it has such power to control the citizens? Who wants to go hungry? Who wants to see family starve or suffer? No one! So perhaps if they shorten the food supply and let us all go hungry for weeks or months with far too little food, eventually we shall all cry out for the government to “do something!” and then we might be bummed by what they put out as the solution.

If things are allowed to go on like this for too long there may be horrible struggles getting the global machine to restart and getting folks back working and spending again. Nothing might be the same. We might see a recession or even a depression the likes of which we have never seen. I don’t want this. No one does. Pain like that is not fun but it’s a real possibility if too much time passes. They are saying 3 months,  6 months, a year is what I hear being tossed around. Who could bear this going on for a year? I know of no one that can take it that long. Depression would be raging if that happened. We cannot bear such a length of time of world wide shut downs.

The Government. Our Savior.

They have stepped up and thrown in about 4 trillion of capital injections since this has started and now the FED is saying they will buy 100 billion a day in stocks. The ECB has said 820 billion euro to bail out. BOE has promised hundreds of billions of pounds. Every country debasing currency in QE Infinity version 2.0, the likes of which the world has never seen. You know what the eventual outcome of that is right? Inflation. Gee, where have I heard that word before? Oh ! I know!  The government tells us we need to get to 2% inflation and they have been saying this for years and claiming that we are nowhere near it.  Well, pump 4 trillion into the market and let’s see what happens in a year or two. My guess is we will get hyperinflation very soon.

So, I think that Covid-19 is not the problem. I think that it’s possible that this is either done on purpose or they are taking advantage of this crisis and using it to their advantage. Recession, depression or even temporary mega pain and you can impose draconian measures all over the globe and get people used to them!

Lockdowns and quarantines are martial law. We do have martial law when you have 100K extra French police patrolling the streets and you have to show papers about why you should be out or you’re fined. We have mass surveillance going on with drones in the sky over Spain and Italy and many other places; police arresting violators. Think about this. The measures that are put in place today, do you expect them to be removed when it’s all over?  Have you ever seen any gradualism strides and measures towards control and power get removed? I never have. Not once.

If this is being used for a huge correction or a global reset think about the way it’s getting easier to do this by the day. How long will it take? People being fed a diet of news terror non-stop around the clock will feel fear and panic. All the government has to do is announce it and everyone will be so scared and tired and just wanting for it to end that they will bend immediately to whatever is put in place.

What lies ahead?

I see that wine producers are not harvesting grapes. A lot of sales of goods and services will fail and I see that tons of goods are not being manufactured. Services not provided. Schools closed. Heck, my bank closed and said only by appointment. Folks are working from home and many businesses will adjust and see this as a great way to get cost savings. I see tourism will fall by 80-90%. Who has the money or time to want to travel the world now? Not many.  Hotels and rentals will be hurt by 90% falls in bookings. There are long lasting repercussions.  Who feels like buying a house right now? Open houses are shut down all over the USA and closings are not happening like normal. Industrial and commercial real estate is going to fail. I see waves of defaults coming from auto loans to housing to student debt to you name it. Businesses will fall apart. This is very bloody. No one will emerge from this unscathed. I cannot see the end right now but I imagine a world very unlike what we have known and are used to. Borders are closed in a big way and will they open back up when all this is over?

One thing we can do right now is to reconnect with our families and pray together, have dinner together. Play together, clean the house together. Organize our lives. Kindle relationships with neighbors. Make a choice not to be sucked in by the panic. Put your attention into making phone calls and having conversations with others. Choose to be strong about this and become compassionate and kind to others. Many folks are scared, lonely and hurting, so reach out to someone. Be calm and compassionate to those that are fear stricken. This is a great chance for us all to “step up” and not get sucked down. We can choose to be part of a solution and not a problem. We can choose to be helpers to others and do some good in a great time of need.

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