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The “Shotgun” Approach to Fighting Cancer


If you or someone you know has cancer, you might want to pass this on and read for yourself. When attacking anything like cancer you have to get to the real problem and not focus on the little band aids that most advice gears us towards. I researched the living tar out of this subject when my mom got cancer many years back. I did find out what works, bought it all and had it right in my hands. I tried to tell my mom and she said…

“Get that crap away from me! I’m not taking that.” And so she didn’t. And so she died three months later. I begged, I pleaded and I tried with all my heart. She was as closed as closed can be. You cannot get any more closed minded than she was.

Where are you? Open minded or closed minded?

Cancer is in everyone! You have it right now. Your immune system “police” cells are doing a fantastic job of taking away the .0001 percent of cells that replicate improperly. When your body fails at its job it sometimes wraps the cells up in a membrane to attempt to protect other parts of your body. This is called a tumor. They tend to grow over time.

Cancer forms from a lot of things but there are many ways to help it grow!

#1 Eat a lot of potato chips or French fries! When you do so, remember that you’re ingesting 450 times the average amount of cancer Acrylamide.


Here is a link telling you what this substance is and all the foods you find it in. It’s a simple easy read for a few minutes.  One excerpt from this article says this:

“Certain foods are more likely to contain acrylamide than others. These include potato products (especially French fries and potato chips), coffee, and foods made from grains (such as breakfast cereals, cookies, and toast). These foods are often part of a regular diet. But if you want to lower your acrylamide intake, reducing your intake of these foods is one way to do so.

The FDA’s advice on acrylamide is to adopt a healthy eating plan, consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products. One that also includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts and that is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars.”

There are many other articles on the internet about this and how you are pumping 450 times the normal amount of acrylamide into you by eating potato chips.

So what do you do if you want to help fight cancer? In my humble opinion, one should stop eating foods that have this. Cut your coffee down to 1 instead of 2 or 3 cups or more a day, cease all potato chips and French fries and if you’re going to eat potatoes, boil them instead. Cut down or stop on the cookies and toast. Let’s go to the next big culprit.

#2 Eat lots of sugar! Sugar feeds cancer big time. The average American eats 55 lbs. of sugar a year, when one hundred years ago, the statistics said the average was around 5 lbs.

#3 Eat lots of crap. You know, low quality processed foods stripped of all nutrition and micro nutrients so that your body is basically malnourished. That will help cancer a lot! In your weakened state you really cannot put up much of a fight.  The S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) is a diet high in sugared grains, grown by Monsanto. GMO foods on farms that had their soils depleted of ALL nutrients over 60+ years ago.

This “Frankenfood” looks like food, but is grown with NPK (nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium). That’s it!  Where are the 72 trace minerals needed for human health? They are not there.

In addition to being nutrient depleted, this Frankenfood is grown with artificial chemicals and fertilizers, and the plants are so sick that nature attempts to kill them off… naturally.  So because the corporate farmers do not want dead plants and only sick people, they then dump on herbicides and pesticides etc… to stop the bugs and diseases from killing them off.

We SAD Americans then process the heck out of this substance we call food and ship it all over the country. We sell it and we boil, microwave or roast the tar out of it killing off all enzymes and getting rid of the very last vestiges of any vitamin or mineral content.  Then we eat it. And eat and eat and eat because we are starving to death!  Wonder why America now has an over 50% obesity rate? Well now you know.

Want to cure this? Great!

Here is the shotgun approach:

Step one: Quit sugar, and quit every single thing that is bad for you. Instantly stop your microwaves and plastics and aluminum pans and get off the bad foods. This is step one. Microwaves are poison. Plastics leak horrible chemicals into foods when heated. Aluminum pans are a killer. Aluminum is extremely toxic to humans.

Step two: Go on a 50-75% raw and organic diet. The other 25-50% you can cook but cook it in a healthy manner! I am talking raw, organic fruits and vegetables with all the enzymes included and not killed off by heat; tons of nutrition because organic has 50% to double the nutrients that “Frankenfood”. Udo Erasmus wrote a book called:  “Fats that kill, fats that heal.” He was the world renowned expert on fats, oils and nutrition. A little bit “weighty” of a read I assure you, but one heck of an eye opener. Almost everything sold in the super markets is actually loaded with oils that are designed to kill you slowly. Read it, and get clean! If I was sick with cancer I would immediately reverse everything that helped me get there.

Ok, so now you quit a lot of bad stuff and are ingesting a ton of good stuff. Is this enough? No!

Shotgun baby… shotgun!

#1 Asparagus is the number one cancer fighting food in the world. Eat it multiple times a week like it is going out of style.

#2 On the days you’re not eating asparagus, go for broccoli. Just go on the internet and type it in for yourself. Spend an hour or so of your time researching the benefits of asparagus and broccoli and the compounds in them and how they help fight cancer. There is nothing like seeing this with your own eyes and reading about it from multiple sources. Do not just take my word for it. I spent about 100 hours of research in one month on this. I am convinced.  What you need is for you to be convinced.  Are you worth it? Is your life worth it, for you to verify this? Is eating organic food and quitting everything that is bad for you going to kill you or can it only help?

#3 Start sprouting! Buy the jar and the seeds for $16 or so and start growing your own. Google it. It’s so easy! Sprinkle the broccoli sprouts all over your raw, organic vegetable salads every single day. They have 500 times the cancer fighting properties that broccoli has.

#4 Get the book “Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing”. That guy is a licensed medical doctor with a cancer center and has been at it for 20 + years. The info in that book will change your life! It’s absolutely eye opening.

#5 Lemons. Cut them up and squeeze them into water daily and drink like a fish.

#6 Go online and read all you can about the cancer diet. Do this diet.

#7 Essiac tea. It’s a cancer fighting tea. The nurse that did this for 20+ years cured hundreds of people with this! So much so…. that she was taken to court and sued for this. She barely escaped with her life. Only because she had five doctors backing her up did she even make it. This went all the way to the Supreme Court. Heck of a read. You can buy this tea online dirt cheap!

You boil it up and only have to drink two lousy ounces of this stuff a day. Tastes like hell by the way. Try not to puke. You want to die or live? If you want to live you will endure the few seconds of hell gulping this tea down! Just shut up and trust me.

#8 Get yourself some dope. Marijuana that is. If you boil it down and make oil you can put one drop of this oil in your mouth once or twice a day and bam! …you don’t have cancer anymore after three months. Rick Simpson cured thousands until Canada shut him down, stole his farm and forced him to flee to another country. His dad, who had stage 4 lung cancer just like my mom and was given a few months to live… lived alright! He did not even have cancer a few months later. 100% healed. Go on YouTube, find the videos and watch them. One is about two hours long on this. It shows you how to boil the stuff down to make the oil. So if you live in one of the ever growing states that allow the sale of this you can always make your own.

Our Government suppresses this info day in and day out.

#9 Laughter. There is a story of a man who cured himself of cancer by laughing. It sounds weird I know… but “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine” the bible says, so what can it hurt to only watch comedies and funny things that will make you laugh? It cannot hurt you, can it?

So by shotgun I mean … do not just do one thing or two. I mean do every single solitary thing that can possibly make you better. Attack cancer from every stinking angle you can!

And if that means juicing fruits and vegetables 8 times a day and drinking the juice as your only source of liquid intake because you know its jam packed full of nutrition? Then why not throw that in there too?

Oh, I can’t afford all this. This is too expensive. Really? And dying isn’t?

I would sell a car! I would sell off everything in my house! I would liquidate my accounts, and I would hock myself into mega credit card debt. I mean heck, you’re going to die if you don’t get better right? So let the government pay your credit card off when you’re dead if it doesn’t work. I am saying… spend what you have and do what is right to get better. No one cares about you more than you. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do this.

Do not go down without one hell of a fight! Wishing you the best.

Still need convincing? Spend 100 hours on the internet visiting countless dozens of websites and educate yourself!  Cancer is a disorder and you can most likely put your house back in order. You just have to stop doing what got you here and kick start your immune system with a turbo boost. It took years to get to the point of death and having just a few months to a year or so to live, you will have to work like mad at 120 mph to try and survive it. How bad do you want to live?



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