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What is it worth?

Let me ask you a question. Pick some really big name trader that is supposedly very good; one that has taught others. Perhaps pick an author or a course seller. Let’s just go ahead and name a few names. We have Steve Nison, Steve Mauro, Ashraf Laidi… or how about Martin Cole? Or perhaps someone from the “DailyFX” crowd like John Kicklighter or Jamie Saettele. How about Oliver Velez? Maybe Ed Ponsi? Do you think you could get these guys to agree to sit down with you, every day, day in and day out, and not only trade with you right by your side in a live trade room but to do it for 8 to 10 hours a day? Do you think you could get that to happen? What would that be worth to you? What if they shared their screens with you and called out every single trade’s entry, management and exit?

By now perhaps you know where I am heading. I have eighteen years of trading experience with the last 12 steeped in the Forex market with up to 12-16 hour days. I have been trained by some of the very best in the world. These names and more were some of my “trader daddies” long ago. Each has imprinted something on me; a bit here, a bit there. For the last 6 years I am 100% me, my own trader. By that I mean that I no longer listen to a single guru anywhere at any time. I do not want a single word, thought, concept or trade idea from outside of myself to even dare enter my head.

I have one job. It has a lot of facets to it but it’s one job only: to keep my finger on the very pulse and heartbeat of the Forex market 100 % of the time. News? Yes. Macroeconomics? Yes. Sentiment? Yep! Fear and greed? Supply and demand? Support and resistance? Levels? Yes, yes and yes. All of it; absolute focus and as much patience and discipline as I can possibly muster.

If you have seen my scores posted on Twitter for years on end then you know what I do and have done. If you have only been following me for the last few months or just recently, perhaps you have seen the 130+ % capital gains in just a 6 week time frame. Perhaps you noticed the 3% and 4% days for a few weeks (as well as the cruddy 1% days too, it happens).

So, let me ask you what is this worth to you? A trader who is supremely good, highly skilled and who can answer your questions live at a moment’s notice and point out things you may have not even thought of or considered. One who sits by your side… takes you by the hand and is 100% ready, willing and able to teach you everything he knows… and  can help you make 1-3% a day to go along with it?

Can you put a value on this? What I charge is absolute peanuts. I’m practically giving it away; a life-changing, future-altering skill set and for a price so low it’s almost a laughing joke. I can tell you that Oliver Velez’s trade room, over a dozen years ago, was $350 a month and worth it, but to have what I offer here and now in 2018? Oh man, if this was available to me I would have jumped all over it! It simply was not available.

I went through a dozen “Forex trade rooms” in my life and I can tell you flat out that they were not worth it at all; trade calls with no why… trade calls with no management, no talking, no ability to ask any questions or get any answers. It was just horrible. I even paid Black Swan and Ashraf $100 each for a few months and all I got was a Forex email once a week or so; practically nothing.

What is an extremely good trader who can teach you and trade right by your side all day long worth to you? I may not be around for ever. Just saying. You might want to take advantage of this while you can. You might wish to make some commitment to rolling up your sleeves and working to get this down pat while this certain someone is still crazy enough to do it for almost no monetary reward. A pittance.

There are many, many furus out there today. They have all kinds of sales methods and techniques in use. They are doing all they can to pump themselves up and dupe “subs” out of money and they honestly don’t really know 10% of what I have learned in 18 years. Think about it. The New Year is coming. Would you like to learn how to trade small and have a battle-hardened soldier mentor you and be your guide through the Forex War and safely get you out the other side? Make a change in 2019.

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