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Legal Matters

How the law system really works in America. It’s not what you think at all!

There is a big difference between what is legal vs. what is lawful.  The American court system of justice is a joke; riddled with fraud and 94% of lawyers are incompetent (says the chief professor of Hastings law institute; one of the most prestigious educators in America today). They graduate without real knowledge or experience and really don’t know much at all.  Here is his quote:

“I have taught young trial lawyers from across the land for many years in various trial seminars and to my dismay I find that most do not know how to conduct simple cross examination or how to get an exhibit into evidence or how to impeach a witness with a prior inconsistent statement…. These kinds of skills for an attorney are akin to a doctor being able to take a patient’s blood pressure or examine tonsils. These lawyers without the most rudimentary tools are thrown into every kind of trial, from wrongful death suits for widows, to the defense of capital murder cases for the accused. It is a fact that a student can graduate from this, the fourth largest law school in the united states, without ever having written a pleading, contract, will, promissory note or a deed… it’s worse than that ….most students graduate from this school without even having seen a pleading, contract, will, promissory note or a deed. In America today, a student can graduate without ever having set foot in a court room! Without ever having spoken to, or on behalf of a person needing advice or council. A student can graduate without ever having once been exposed to the rules of court…whatever else may be said about this license being issued by the state bar, it is for these students and their clients…. a cruel hoax!”

Did you get that? A cruel hoax! As in fraud and travesty!

And this is who you want to hire? A punk that came out of college after blowing 200K of daddy’s money and drinking himself into a comma every weekend and not paying any attention? Just graduating and buying a diploma? This is going to be your “hired gun”?  Your pro?

The average American does not know law and is scared of it. Hundreds of years ago this was not the case.

You need to understand the justice system is a total fraud. I studied law for many years and fought a lot of cases. I won every time. My cases were buried and lost on purpose so they would never show up. I learned from some serious kick ass people. This cost me a ton of time, energy and money.  Everyone that catches the courts red handed has their paperwork buried… so no one else ever finds out what you know, what you said or what you did! It mysteriously vanishes.

I would like to open your eyes a little bit:

The judge is your enemy. The lawyers are liars. They represent you as something you are not. Your name on all documents appears in all block capital letters and that is a CORPORATION… not the real you as a person and as an individual. The lawyer’s first allegiance is to the judge and the courts. The judge is akin to a baalite priest wearing his black robes and demanding to be called “your honor” when we have no idea if he is an honorable man at all!

28 U.S.C. § 453 says that a judge is supposed to be impartial. Reality is much different. In real life the judge will usually rule in favor of the Government and recent “case laws”. No judge wants to confront 400 years of case law one way… and then there was a pivotal move away from that by another judge in let’s say the 1960’s and then 50 years of case law since that is totally different than the way things used to be! They will always side with the newer case law.

Judges are incompetent.  Many of them are just appointed, and as such they will always side the way the appointee wants them to go.

In the criminal system the judge will often disregard pretrial motions regardless of merit. They usually deny them… because the judge wants to work things out quickly rather than tie stuff up in court (their work load is intense! They don’t even read half the items that come on their desk!) They want to get you into a plea bargain instead. Fast and easy. You would need to file many pretrial motions in an effort to build a record for an appeal cause because you know what is coming.

Prosecutors will often lay up many false charges on indictments for a few reasons:

The first is that of scaring you. Trying to get you in fear that you’re facing conviction for many more charges than what they really can bring against you. It’s basically scaring the tar out of you so that you will take a plea bargain. It’s kind of like Trump’s book the “Art of the Deal” where you ask for much more than you really want and then settle for less. It’s the same thing. The lawyers seek to terrorize you and then get you off on a plea bargain for less (like marking up to FULL price and then making you think you got a deal on a 50 % off sale!)

It’s bull chit. Don’t fall for it.

The second reason is that the prosecution has a better chance of getting a guilty verdict out of a jury if there is an impressive list of charges against you. A dozen of your “peers”? Yeah right! They are people so stupid they could not figure out how to get out of jury duty and they do not want to be there for $50 a day! Maybe some of them think $50 is a deal. Those are the real winners, eh? These people are so stupid that they have no clue at all what a bogus set of charges are. They have no clue how the system works and they will get all of their instructions from the judge! I am not kidding you here, the judge will actually instruct them on how they are to proceed.

You need to think about that for a moment. The judge is the one that tells them what they will think and how they will respond, and they, like sheep, just fall in line. Baaaaa! Yes judge!

The defense attorney: his counsel is poison. You are the last person he is responsible to. He has four higher ups and you are the lowest man on the totem pole and he cares not for you at all; only for his $250 an hour or more. Their main goal is not you! They want to get you to take a plea bargain of guilty on lesser charges so they can save themselves a ton of time doing pretrial work and defending you in court which is basically going through a bunch of BS motions. Defense attorneys today will simply ask for continuances forever! Many months at a time. The judge always grants this and the prosecution will never object to this because they are all in league together in the game of “rape the clients”. I’m telling you … hire your own lawyer? You are doomed!  You don’t need a lawyer to lose… and no one cares about you more than you. So do your own work or risk it all on some incompetent fool that came out of law school and does not know anything or even care. All he cares about is his/her job. It’s legal theft to steal your money and provide you with very crappy service.

Defendants sit and rot in jail for months or years and it wears down on them so bad, they break. Almost everyone breaks. They take the plea.

Your goal should be to get to trial ASAP! The state and federal courts have what is called statutory speedy trial statutes. You need to bring that to their attention.

The problem is that most folks don’t have a clue what to do when the law comes knocking. You need to take the time to figure it out and better than your incompetent, corrupt, liars… err sorry lawyers… gee … why are liars and lawyers so phonetically close in the English language, hmmm? Crooked judges and evil prosecutors.


Never take a bench trial. This is where the judge is the only one instead of the 12 jurors. It’s much better to have the prosecution have to convince 12 than one.

Appeals: This is the next step up. This is where you show the higher court all the mistakes the lower court made. You must step it up, so that you have appealable items ready.

The next appeal is a writ of Certiorari, a discretionary review. And your odds of having the Supreme Court say yes to hearing your case is like 1 chance in 250 at best. There are other ways though.

Federal Judges have an image to contend with. If you can make them look bad you have a chance that the replacement judge will step up to the plate and pay better attention!

I once had to go to trial against a lying police officer. I had very little hope the judge would side with me… knowing their tendency to take the officers’ side. After all he wears a uniform and a badge and is an upstanding member of society. Luckily that was not my first rodeo. I sued in California, I sued in New Hampshire and I sued in Virginia and I won them all. So when I pulled this in CT I was far braver and more skilled. You have to know when to speak and when to shut up!

I got this lying cop caught in a lie on the bench and I just paused. A good long pause and he would not answer the question. He looked down in shame and buttoned his mouth. The judge “coughed” and I waited for 45 seconds before I hit him again. The next question sealed his fate. Again, he could not answer and I saw the judge roll his eyeballs. Another cough. I said: “Well.” and the judge just looked at me and said: “Any further questions?” I looked at the judge and I said none. I have not one further question. I clamped my mouth shut and walked and sat down and slammed my papers against the desk in disgust!

That judge said: “I will be back in a moment with my verdict.”

He left the room and came back in 30 seconds later, slammed the gavel down and said: “I find for the defendant. The state has shown nothing. Case dismissed.”

Here I am now at 51 years old. My last court case? Seven years! The other side lost miserably and it cost them $50k but why did the lawyer even take their case?  No honest lawyer would.  That is what I am trying to say here. They are dishonest and that guy saw $50,000 in legal feels out of fools that did not stand a chance. They were totally in the wrong. It really was an open and shut case but the magic of milking everyone is that they milked them for $50,000 over 7 years. That’s a tragedy.

I am far better than the average lawyer. I know more, I got more balls and I got more sense and I got no shame and I have not once ounce of fear. You also need balls of steel when you’re going up against today’s legal system… do not fear! Fear is the mind killer!

So what that it’s their turf? So freaking what? They are liars and corrupt and dishonest!

Have faith and trust in yourself. You don’t need anyone’s help!  Why the frig should you pay some incompetent jerk $250 an hour to lose on your behalf?

If the chit really goes down the tubes, get the media involved or get a congressman involved. There is a big, big difference between one letter and dozens of letters and phone calls. Enlist friends to barrage them with letters and phone calls and the attention grows; not just some dumb ass office lackey answering your one single letter.

There are a lot of other weapons that can be used. Never be afraid. You may not know it but you can sue a judge.

I don’t want to give it all away just yet. Perhaps someday I will find time to write a book on how to kick lawyers’ asses and win every trial, but right now this info is just too much in my favor to hold it all in and not reveal it. Someday when I know I have nothing else on the horizon… maybe then. All I can say right now is arm yourself with knowledge. We live in a massively litigious and ignorant society. Overcome that ignorance and find out how things really work and you can kick some ass.

Long ago, in the early 1900’s, all you needed was Blackstone’s law volumes one and two.  You just had to study and read it and know it very well, pay $5 and bam, you were a lawyer.  Today we have education mills that milk you for every last dime for a piece of paper.

You see today, in (over regulated) America, everyone is a criminal and you and me probably commit at least three crimes a day due to 2.5 million laws that no one knows about!  Two and a half million laws on the books. Who does this serve?

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse” is the common statement every judge uses when passing down sentences.

Remember this: The LAW is the weapon. The courtroom is the battlefield. Your lawyer (liar) is an enemy spy and deadly violence is executed with words.

If you do not know your rights? You have no rights! …or if you do not belligerently claim to uphold your rights you, in essence…. waive them.

Get this. This can save your butt! Whenever someone asks you to sign something? You are in trouble. You should not sign! All signatures create problems; signatures create legally binding contracts. Why would anyone on this earth be compelled to sign? You are better off “being a jerk” in someone else’s eyes and not signing and telling them why you refuse.

Information can always be used against you! Remember you have a right to remain silent! |Any and all information that anyone will ever use against you… is provided by you! So shut up! Don’t say anything and remain silent (or you damn yourself). You are hung by the tongue.

This goes for police too. Never is a cop off duty. Anytime they are ever talking to you they are “fishing.”  Police are in search of bodies that they can tax.  They have quotas and agendas and they are always searching for someone that does not know.

I hate to say it but we live in the most litigious society on earth. 90% of all the world’s lawsuits are filed here in America. The other 10% of lawsuits are spread around 196 other nations. You have more chances of lawsuits and legal troubles coming upon you in America than you can imagine.

You know… long ago people knew how to hunt, fish, can and preserve with root cellars. People knew how to build and maintain their own homes and take care of animals and give birth to babies and manage their own health and own legal affairs. Heck, people buried their own dead out in the pasture. Nowadays you have to pay at least $7,000 minimum for a funeral!

You and I have been dumbed down!  On purpose, too keep us “entertained” and vastly ignorant so that we will seek out the advice of the professionals.  We are the masses of humanity, the worker bees who make the money… and the lawyers, doctors, judges, and stockbrokers (and the list goes on and on)… they take the excess of what we make through deception.  You don’t need an expert. BECOME the expert.

I propose that we go back to the ways of being self-educated. We live in the “information age” right? Never before has so much info been available to so many people for free.  Problem is, it’s not what you know, it’s what you know that ain’t so that gets you.  There is a ton of disinformation out there. It’s spread on purpose, so learn to grow up and out of what they have made you into; a helpless sheep dependent on them for info.

I have a lot more educating to do to you over the months and years if you can bare it. I hope you will stay tuned. We have not even gotten started yet.


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