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Millions of jobs everywhere!  The Economy is great!

How is YOUR JOB going?


Joe Smith starts his day early with his alarm (made in Japan) going off at 6 am. While his coffee pot is perking (also made in Japan), he puts his blow dryer (made in Taiwan) to work and then shaves with his electric razor (made in Hong Kong). Then Joe puts on a dress shirt (made in Thailand), designer jeans (made in China), a pair of shoes (made in Korea), and after cooking breakfast made in his new electric skillet (made in the Philippines), he sits down to work on his calculator (made in Mexico) to figure out how much money he can spend today.

After setting his watch (made in Switzerland) to his radio (made in Hong Kong), he goes out and gets in his car (made in Germany) and he goes looking for a job; like he has been doing for several months.

At the end of another discouraging day he comes home, puts on a pair of sandals (made in Brazil) and pours himself a glass of wine (made in Argentina). He turns on his TV (made in Japan) and then ponders again why he cannot get a decent job in America.

This is how it went YEARS ago for many folks for 6 months… 1 year… & 1.5 years … UNTIL… they “fell off the books”! American Government no longer counted them as in the market for a job.

Have you noticed a “slump” in American manufacturing since NAFTA was installed (North American Free Trade Agreement)? American manufacturing has lost tens of millions of jobs in the last 20 years. These jobs have been “outsourced” to other countries.

Fast forward to today; many years later. Millions of jobs created! However, they forget to tell you they are in the restaurant, bar tending and “hospitality” fields. “Jobs” are being created in menial areas, NOT high paying quality full time jobs. They are all part time and vastly underpaid.

Companies have downsized and streamlined. You don’t hear much about this, but I do though.

I know a man who had to train another guy who ended up being fired two weeks later. Why? He was at $60K a year and the newbie came on at $30K a year. So they FIRED him for a 30K a year savings; typical these days.

I met a lady the other day… her company FIRED a worker and gave her job to her. Now she is expected to do TWO jobs. She has been struggling like mad doing this for 2 months and getting bitched at every day. Why are you not done with your work? Every day the answer is the same: “Ya know, it’s a TAD HARD to cram 16 hours into the 8 hour work day you gave me!”

I know another man whose company, in an effort to save tons of time and money, went with a new super cool system. But that system has run amok. The company got sold and something that once worked is now falling apart because the new management was so wise they took a perfectly great working machine and ruined it while laying off 1/3rd of the work force (thinking they did not need these people and attempting to cram the workload on others). They are suffering like mad, losing 40 years of reputation as stuff just does NOT GET DONE! It’s falling apart at the seams, in an effort to save money.

I know a dozen grand kids on my wife’s family’s side. They all went to college, heck I know all their friends too… each family blew tons of money to send them to college.  They all came out broke, in debt and never got a job in the field they went to school for!   Student loans galore and now out working as waitresses and yoga instructors and all kinds of other low paying menial jobs. This is TYPICAL in America today. They are living at home with their parents.

How do you find working conditions or job hunting today?

If you’re interested in a different way of viewing things, let me teach you all that I know!  A thousand articles are coming.  Now I don’t know what you know… and you don’t know what I know.  So, if I teach you what I know?  You will be twice as smart as me because you will know a ton more. Stay tuned.


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