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“Peace, peace, but there is no peace.”


For decades politicians and other world leaders told the people World Peace was an important goal. Many years have passed since then and not much has changed. It is a pleasure to have you come across my political article in which I will not only discuss the title “Why World Peace Is Not Happening”, but will also address the lack of action from world leaders and business leaders. I’ll also get into the world economy, world politics, world finance, and the political games world politicians continue to play. Why? My only objective is increasing awareness, so as to get people to wake up to the fact that their own leaders are really not interested in World Peace and only interested in control of the people. You may or may not agree with everything you read in my article, however, you will not be able to dismiss the fact that it’s the truth. The main reason you cannot or will not be able to dismiss this is because “World Peace” was claimed more than 20 years ago and not much has actually changed in that time.

The world leaders of today’s day and age are not really interested in solving two of the biggest world issues; poverty and homelessness. When you look around where you live, regardless of what country you live in, what do you see? You see beggars, pan handlers, churches asking for money, donations for the poor from many different businesses, people sleeping in the gutter, people digging in trash cans for food and so much more. All of these sorts of things are part of poverty and homelessness, and no matter how much is given, the problem persists.

World economy and finance is about operating a business, maintaining revenue and creating a money-based world. Some people have the belief that money is only a fools game and only for the greedy people. In some aspects, this would be accurate, but only up to a point. Money or currency is a fundamental necessity; for people to buy the things that they need for living their life. It is an integrated part of the “barter/trade” system, because it can be substituted for products/goods or services offered by businesses all around the globe. The “barter/trade” system was originally designed to haggle on price points and then trade something of equal value, so one person could get what they need and the other could profit from the valued item received.

World finance, simply put, is the rule set for currency/money. The dumbest statement ever uttered is “He who has the most toys wins!” and I only say that because it bases one’s individual life on (obsessive) greed. The very concept of greed is misunderstood by many people, because they misunderstand the power of money and the respect money deserves. Business leaders, the ones who own and operate the World Banks and Central Banks of the world, are the greediest of them all. They tend to use their wealth so as to control people such as politicians, in essence, to control the citizens of each country.

Many world issues are caused because of the obsessively greedy people in these positions. However, the average person does not have a clue about these people or their agenda because the average person is too busy trying to maintain their life, job and family. They have a lack of awareness of the power of these people. Thus, I am increasing awareness so you can know about them, in case you do not as of yet.

World peace is the biggest political scam. The very concept of “world peace” is actually a scam, the biggest political scam ever put into words. Why? Because the world leaders and business leaders already knew, before they ever uttered the words, that it could not be easily achieved. They knew what it would take and the vision required to make it happen, and also knew that only a handful of people had the ability to see it happen. They also knew what had to be eliminated and they were not about to relinquish their ability to control others. Therefore, the words themselves are a scam.

The politicians wanted to give people hope for peace at a time when hope was diminishing due to increasing tensions around the world issues, such as poverty, homelessness, dictator regimes and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The doomsday scenario is still in place because too many countries have nuclear weapons stockpiled in reserve. Sure, America and Russia have the most nuclear weapons, but were also the only “super” powers to have them at one time. However, that isn’t the case any longer and many other countries have begun stockpiling, as a prevention tactic… or so they say. Some countries would like to eliminate nuclear weapons from the Earth altogether. However, the money that can be made by developing them is a problem.

World leaders and business leaders lied to the people yet no one anywhere is holding these people accountable for perpetuating this lie. Why not? Because approximately 70% or more of the citizens of any given country are living in fear, either driven by political fears or religious fears which continue to drive societal fear. People live in fear, not only of other people in their own country, but of people of other countries all around the world. The terrorist groups, who vow revenge on countries for whatever reasons, continue to do more damage and many countries do not want to bother holding these people accountable for their actions. Why not? Because there is no money to be made from doing so. The Business Leaders know that they can continue to make weapons for military forces and if there isn’t a war going on somewhere, then they cannot make money. So, it’s better for them to lie to the people so that they can continue hoarding profits.

World leaders and business leaders continue to play political games with citizens’ lives. They do not seem to care about what happens to the citizens, so as long, as they can continue doing whatever it is that they want to do. Many people, especially military personnel have lost their lives in wars and small battles so others can continue to make profit margins. America is just as guilty as the rest of the world and is now policing the world as if they knew what was best. Ironically, most of the world, outside of the United States isn’t too clear about America’s intentions. Why not? Because politicians continue to use deceit and double-talk that does not coincide with the actions taken.

Politicians use “politically correct” speech to tell their tales and spin the meanings of what they say so that the general public doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on. The many misconceptions derived from political deceit have continued to ruin societies all over the world. It’s a game to them and someone MUST win the game, while thousands of people die. When is enough really enough?

I have been asking the above question for a number of years and every time I ask the question, I get many replies like “it’s never going to change” or “nothing can be done” or “why bother” and it is very disturbing to say the least. Finally, I derived an answer and it’s based on two things: (a) knowledge and (b) wisdom. The knowledge comes from increasing awareness on an individual level. The wisdom is to realize that government, world leaders and business leaders are the ones who should really be afraid of the people, because with increased awareness on an individual level, movement or action can be made against them.

The world leaders and business leaders all knowingly continue to misdirect and distort the methods by which knowledge and wisdom can be gained so as to keep the general public from finding out the truth about their true intentions.

The reality of world peace can be a true measured goal of the citizens of humanity, but each must realize that it starts with them, as individuals. It cannot be done without their full cooperation and commitment. Many people will, without a doubt, tell me that I must be crazy, a lunatic or just another nut-job who fell off his rocker without any sort of ideology about world peace. Some people realize that world peace cannot come true because too many factors are involved. Some people will say that it will never happen because government and business leaders will never let it happen. And, you know what? Many of them could be correct. However, what people apparently refuse to understand is their role and what they must do to make it happen.

Each individual needs to take the necessary steps to (a) change their view, (b) make their voice heard, (c) have no fear of repercussion and (d) be willing to die for the cause. It only takes increasing awareness of others to make it happen, to bring change… and if you are not willing to be a part of that, then you have no understanding of life, have no value for life and lack any moral value. I am doing my part. What are you doing? I am presently in the midst of putting the final touches on a business model, which when implemented, will address many societal issues as well as helping to provide people with a better way of living their life. When all is said and done, I will have put my best foot forward to increase awareness of those who lack knowledge and wisdom about life, to put effort into educating people about how to solve poverty, to put effort into showing the homeless how to regain their life and bring about a changed view in each person who is impacted by my efforts. What are you doing? Thank you for your time.


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