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Once upon a time we really owned stuff! Not now!

Now you “own” in name only and it’s easy as pie to take it away from you.

Back in the 1600s, 1700’s and 1800’s and even the very early 1900’s you actually owned things. Title to land was Allodial and property rights were secure. No one taxed you and no one took it away from you. This was back in the days of silver and gold coin and real payments.

Today we deal in funny money; fiat currency, script, digits in a computer etc. and it’s never really paid for. It’s never really discharged.

In the days of real title, where you held the dead in your hand and it was not recorded in a town or city hall, you were never taxed on it.

One day the government came up with a brilliant idea: sell them first on ease and convenience and then through “gradualism” we can boil the frog.  So they shifted to a “fee simple” title system and said: “Come on down to the town hall and register your dead for just $1.  You will never lose it, have it be burned in a house fire or even stolen.  It will be public record and all is just peaches and cream for you.”

Fast forward 100 years and folks pay perhaps $800 to $3,000 in property taxes in New Hampshire and Vermont, $1,200 to $5,000 or so in South Carolina and Georgia, $4,000 all the way up to $50,000 in Connecticut, New York and California for “ownership” of their property!  I contend this is not ownership but theft! That is a government mandated rental fee.

What if you do not pay? That is ok. They will steal your land from you in three years flat.  Your home gets sold on the courthouse steps. Someone comes in and buys it for back taxes and if you do not redeem it in one year at 18 % interest to the new owner you truly lose it and its gone forever. Is that ownership?

True ownership of property is much different than this. Real property is defined as something that cannot be taken away from you.

Once upon a time you could own a car. Today they have taken away the original manufacturer’s certificate of origin and have sold you a lie. The “State” issues: Certificate of Title. Believe me, that is not a title! It is evidence that a title exists somewhere, sure, but you don’t have it! The state has the title. The “title” they print for you after you pay fees for it is a piece of paper that says Certificate of Title and then the state’s name goes on that piece of paper. This guarantees that you are a taxpayer for that car. It subjects you to licensing requirements and registration and insurance as well as a yearly property tax to boot. This entire system is a scam and a racket designed to suck money out of you.

In my home office I have a stack of legal documents on this a mile high, proving this case out 100 % rock solid. I could write a book on this subject alone. You get a driver’s license and it makes you into a driver rather than a traveler. Your automobile becomes a plated “vehicle” with tags owned by the state. They rule, regulate and control you and make breaking some victimless “code” into a crime, but a crime punishable through money payments.

Were you doing 81 mph on a sunny day down a straight highway with not another soul in sight?  Well now!  That is a crime punishable by a $355 fee and you get a point off your license! …and oh yeah, the insurance racket is in on this too! Your insurance goes up from $1,000 a year to $1,300 a year because now you are a speeder. Did you roll through that stop sign at about 2-3 miles per hour and not come to a complete stop first? You criminal you!  That is a $75 fee for this crime against, um… who was injured?  To commit a crime you have to have an injured party.  Who was injured?  No one you see, but the police officer is not there to enforce the law but to enforce code.  It’s a code compliance officer and money is the payment made to tax you for screwing up.

If you do not pay your property tax they will suspend your registration. If you do not abide by all the “laws” they will tax you and eventually take away your ownership to your car. You see, reality is that it’s really their car and you own it in name only. Isn’t this lovely?

Through the doctrine of parens patriae and your marriage “license”, you actually have given your children away to the state. The “state” is a party to the marriage. Did you actually read the contract you signed when you actually signed it?  Did you actually listen to the preacher or justice say: “By the powers invested in me by the state of X, I now pronounce you husband and wife.”? This doctrine (look it up on the internet if you do not believe me) is that the state owns your kids. They can come in and take them from you if they want to and can find a reason or justification to do so. Don’t laugh because it’s not funny. Imagine the heartbreak thousands of good homes have gone through. Look it up on the internet… the horror stories… if you do not believe me. Just imagine the state coming in and concocting a reason and a method to take your kids away. There are dozens of reasons they can do it. It has been done to thousands of parents for all kinds of reasons; children stolen away from parents because a neighbor turned you in and lied and said something false; “They are harming their kids or they are neglecting their kids.” These days you don’t even have to prove anything. They come in and remove them and then you can have to spend 100K USD during years fighting to try and get your kids back.

I hate to say these things, I really do! I wish it was not so, but it is. You do not own your home, the bank does and the state does. You do not own your car, the finance company does and the state too. You just get use is all. You don’t own your kids; you just get to pay until someone decides to take them away by force at the point of a gun. You don’t own the clothes on your back, the credit card company paid for it and you’re paying 11.9% to up to 33% for it depending on your credit “worthiness”. You don’t own all that new furniture, the company that sold it to you on credit does. Today, Americans don’t really own anything.

There is a way to true ownership but it’s hard as can be. They don’t like even one fish getting away from the “system” in place today. You need to pay for things differently and you need to be ready to both assert control and defend your property rights in a court of law should someone attempt to deprive you of those rights. It’s not easy. Most people today just succumb to it and give up all hope and “go with the flow”. Heck, everyone else does.


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