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Taxes. It’s more than you can possibly imagine.

Only two things are certain in this life they tell us: death and taxes. Let’s talk about the state of “financial rape” in America because I assure you, you have never added it up!

But before we do, consider this one thing. The communist manifesto says that one of the ten planks is: a progressive heavy income tax burden to be put upon the people. This helps to keep them as poor slaves.

Federal takes a slice, State takes a slice and then FICA and/or SS taxes come in and you think you’re done? Not by a long shot!  What about the thousands of dollars of property taxes per year? What about your car taxes per year? Buy a new car? Cool!  You get to receive the “stupid tax” and a $1,000 bill comes a year later in your mail box.

Most folks just don’t understand exactly how much you pay in taxes in America. It’s so far beyond what you even think. You have not done the math! Go buy a pizza and the tax man takes a slice. It’s not just sales tax, its tax on the pizza store owner, property tax, federal payroll, federal, state and local income taxes… workers’ compensation insurance, all together its $3.80 on a $10.00 pizza. For every $10 you spend, your tax portion on that pizza is $3.80 in hidden taxes. Oh, then the state sales tax is 5-8 % depending on the state you live in.

Question: How is it that the “Silent Partner” makes 38% and does nothing but hold out his hand? Does the pizza store owner make 38 % profit on every pizza sold?

Your drink is $7.20 for every $10 you spend on hard liquor; Jack Daniels, etc… That is a fortune in tax!  Wonder why a glass of wine costs $9 when you go out to eat? There is your answer.

Pepsi is 35 % tax.

Cigarettes have a tax of about 75 % that may seem high but go look at the gas you buy at the pump and see how much that is taxed! Fuel would be like $0.65 a gallon if it were not for all those taxes lopped on. Please multiply this by millions of gallons per day sold at pumps across America.

Did you ever really think about this?

$26 out of every hundred you spend on your electric bill goes to the government.

$40 out of every $100 for airlines….

$43 out of every $100 spent at a hotel….  plus many places have a “hotel tax” dumped on top of this and it can be a 11% or higher “hospitality tax” added to your bill.

$28 goes to the government for every $100 you spend going out to dinner.

The farmers, truckers and cooks actually make less than the government and the government does nothing to prepare your meal.

Every transaction you ever make….

Production… sale… shipping… you name it; massive amounts of money go to the government for everything.

Go buy a new car? 35% goes into taxes on that car. I mean literally the car is loaded with 35%.

You work until noon every day… to pay the tax man. You spend more money on taxes than you do on the basic needs to survive.

There are 480 tax forms and 17,000 pages of tax regulations.

5.4 billion hours and 200 billion dollars a year are spent in order to comply with all the laws.

Do you still love the funny money we trade with at the “federal” banks?

Why do we have to pay all of this?

#1 Our Governments are out of control monsters.

#2 The Central Banks have forced this burden upon us all by playing with their funny money.

We all pretend it’s money. It’s not!  It’s a private note from a private bank and it’s not federal at all. The “FED” (Federal Reserve) is not a government institution; it’s a private bank with Class A shares. You don’t get to know who owns it and they have never been audited.  Taxes are the price we all pay for having social security contracts and playing with funny money.

Gold is the Currency of Kings. Silver is the Currency of Gentlemen and debt is the currency of slaves. For hundreds of years our nation fought a central bank, but that did not stop the banksters from trying again and again.  They found a way to make it happen at Jekyll Island and that secret meeting that took place. People forget. People today look at this all as unimportant and “the way things are” and we just accept it as normal. This means you and I shall be slaves from cradle to grave; paying about 50% of our entire life force and energy to unseen forces that suck it up.

I hate to bear that bad news to you. I really do but it’s best to face the reality. It’s best to think about the 100% legal means by which we can minimize this horrible damage on our lives.

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